Theology and Black Sails | Thomas Hamilton vs. Pastor Lambrick

There are two main characters in Black Sails whose actions are explicitly motivated by Christianity:  Pastor Lambrick and Thomas Hamilton.  Together they represent the best and worst of their religion, with one embodying its privilege and the other its sacrifice.  This duality is perfectly expressed in the metaphor of a shepherd and the sheep.  A…

Theology and Black Sails | Vane and Pastor Lambrick

When Lambrick visits Vane before his execution, his attempt to offer peace and repentance is rejected. Lambrick enters and offers Vane bread, which coming from a clergyman seems pretty obviously to symbolize Communion.  But bread is only one half of the grace of Communion, just as the peace Lambrick is about to offer is not…

Theology and Black Sails | Pastor Lambrick Preaches to No One

This is one of the strongest theological themes of the series:  hoping for a better future even when the present seems like hell.  It is fitting that this theme is explicitly addressed by a pastor preaching to no one in an episode in which Flint pursues his dream as everyone closest to him abandons him.

Theology and Black Sails | Miranda Barlow and Pastor Lambrick

If theology is everywhere, and I believe that it is, then Black Sails’ theology is in every character, scene, and theme.  I plan to eventually write about the overarching theological concepts found in this show, but as I go through my rewatch, I want to highlight scenes in which Christianity is explicitly discussed.  We get our first of these in episode 103 – III between Miranda Barlow and Pastor Lambrick.