Episode 310 – XXVIII

Season three spent a lot of time showing us varying styles of leadership as we watched Silver struggle with his newfound authority.  We’ve seen him learn from both Flint and Madi, and in this episode, it seems clear that he has tried to carve out a path that incorporates the best of both of them.  Essentially, if Flint is feared and Madi is liked, Silver believes (based on his interactions with Dobbs) that he is both feared and liked.  Put this way, I almost believe that his leadership style is the most effective.

But there is another angle worth exploring.

Episode 309 – XXVII

Eleanor puts everything on the line to save Rogers.  Billy recruits allies.  Flint and Silver prepare for war. (Summary provided by starz.com) WATCH NOW AT Starz | Hulu BEST FLINT MOMENT Flint parallel parks a ship incredibly close to shore by delivering calm orders to fearful men, then stares down Hornigold with the most badass “you could never” look….

Episode 308 – XXVI

Rogers comes under attack while moving a prisoner.  Violence erupts on the Walrus.  Silver and Madi are put to a test.  Billy sees a new role for himself in the coming battle. (Summary provided by starz.com) WATCH NOW AT Starz | Hulu BEST FLINT MOMENT That first scene between Flint and Vane in Miranda’s house is so great.  I…

Episode 307 – XXV

The entire scene in which Flint and Woodes Rogers face off is A+ Excellent, but the part that really destroys my soul is when, ten years after the first Great Defense, FLINT IS STILL DEFENDING THOMAS.  Woodes Rogers claims that his goal is the same as Thomas’s, and Flint is all, “Let me tell you what Thomas wanted!!”

Episode 306 – XXIV

Flint challenges Teach over the future of piracy.  Rogers makes an arrest.  Rackham finds new purpose.  Madi comes to Silver’s aid. (Summary provided by starz.com) WATCH NOW AT Starz | Hulu BEST FLINT MOMENT His face, I think, just after he’s shot Teach.  He looks so shocked that he might have actually won the duel, and so easily.  Of…

Episode 305 – XXIII

Max and Eleanor reunite, and I am so thrilled to be watching a show in which two powerful women arguing about their influence and legitimacy!  I love even more that their posturing fades away as they question how deeply they’ve betrayed each other and the answer turns out to be NOT AT ALL.  Forever crying!!

Episode 304 – XXII

This is when the show steps up a notch.  So far it has been a story of oppression of white people by white people.  But instead of letting that be an analogy for people of color to see themselves in, Black Sails says, no.  We’re bring African men and women who were enslaved to the table and letting them speak about their oppression for themselves.  IT IS SO GREAT.

Episode 303 – XXI

Flint is punishing Silver for not being a good enough partner.  Silver makes bad decisions, yes, but more hurtful to Flint is how Silver villainizes Flint for the hard decisions he makes as leader (cutting rations).  He wants a partner who will understand the hard things he does and love him anyway (Miranda).  Because Silver is not doing this, Flint lashes out and attacks him for less vulnerable reasons (the bad decision-making as evidence that Silver is weak).

Episode 302 – XX

One of season 3’s central themes is leadership, and in this episode we see how a Seasoned Leader and a New Leader cope with the reality of losing people under their care.

When it becomes clear that the top sail’s inability to come down will jeopardize the safety of the entire ship, Flint crawls across the deck to cut it loose, dooming men to fly into the sea with it.  He pauses for a moment, staring up at the men before he begins chopping the rope.  I read that as him acknowledging the consequences of his actions by seeing the men, but moving forward with no real hesitation.

Episode 301 – XIX

Flint and his crew wage war against the world.  Eleanor receives an offer of clemency.  Vane objects to Rackham’s methods.  One of Nassau’s most notorious returns. (Summary provided by starz.com) WATCH NOW AT Starz | Hulu BEST FLINT MOMENT “There will be no battle today.  Our disadvantage is too great.  But what price surrender? To beg forgiveness from a…