Episode 403 – XXXI

I do think the show wants us to support Flint, and I do think that Flint’s motivations are deepening beyond revenge to a more genuine desire to create something new.  BUT it is unquestionable that the showrunners want us to remember the power of narrative in shaping our allegiances, and to question why we see some people as good and others as bad, when really, they might not be so different.

Episode 108 – VIII

In the previous episode, we saw how desperately Flint needed an ally that shared his vision.  Although Silver shares this vision only so far as it pertains to him acquiring some gold, they are undeniably a good match.  Both smart men who can create new plans in an instant, they are formidable when working together.

Episode 107 – VII

M:  Apologize?  Who will you be apologizing to?
F:  TO ENGLAND.  They took everything from us, and then they call ME a monster?  The moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim that they were right.  This ends when I grant them MY forgiveness, not the other way around.

Episode 106 – VI

The costs of chasing the Andromache continue to mount.  Eleanor needs Silver’s help.  Billy wants Gates to confront Flint.  Bonny takes a stand. (Summary provided by starz.com) WATCH NOW AT Starz | Hulu REWATCH Q&A Q:  Why doesn’t Mr. Scott help the slaves on the Andromache? A:  He says it’s because Flint’s plan to pursue…

Episode 105 – V

This is our first real look at pirate boarding strategy, and BOY IS IT GOOD.  Even better on rewatch when I could finally understand everything that was going on.  There’s so much!  It’s wonderful to see the roles of every crew member, from Captain Flint, who plans the strategy, to Quartermaster Billy, who explains it to the crew, who carry it out.  AND WHAT A STRATEGY.  Using a sharpshooter to make the Andromache’s helmsman lose grip on their wheel so that the current will bring their ship alongside theirs so that they can board?  IT’S BEAUTIFUL.  

Episode 104 – IV

Silver can’t cook a pig, must take lessons from pirate captain on the sly. ❤

Flint:  What the FUCK did you do to that?
Silver:  I…cooked it?
Flint:  You absolutely did not.

Episode 103 – III

It’s clear now that although each pirate captain is fiercely ego-centric, they must rely on each other in order for Nassau to survive.  There’s so much that must be navigated: captains, crews, ships, supplies.  As Flint, Gates, and Eleanor plan to take the Urca gold, they must form alliances with first Hornigold and then Charles Vane in order to have everything necessary.  It is fascinating to watch their negotiations, and to take note of whose decisions are based in reason, whose are based in emotion, and whose have a little bit of both.  I love watching these fundamentally different people try to find a way to work together…at least until it all falls apart.

Episode 102 – II


“They’re not animals.  They’re men starved of hope.  If you give them that back, who’s to say what could happen?”

Idealistic Flint is my favorite Flint!

Episode 101 – I


Q:  When is the exact moment that I fell in love with Captain James Flint?

A:  Other Captain:  “I won’t give you the satisfaction of crying out.”
Flint, walking away:  “Good for you.”
Me:  Oh, he’s SASSY. ❤