Season 3 DVD Special Features

Honestly, at this point I’ve bought the Black Sails DVDs because I want to throw my money at it so TV people will know this was a show people loved.  But also for special features!  Let’s see how the season 3 DVDs measure up!

Inside the World of Black Sails

It is so enjoyable to listen to the show creators relive each episode, reminding us of the highlights while also revealing behind-the-scenes stories.  While not the most important revelation, this entire feature is almost worth it just for a tiny shot of Zach McGowan in full Vane attire wearing flashy pink sunglasses while waiting for his scene.

The Storm

An incredible episode is made more incredible with the knowledge that it took 30 days and multiple new sets to shoot.  I especially loved listening to Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, and Tom Hopper describe with manic glee how crazy the filming was.

A Pirate’s Last Words

I’m so glad that Vane’s final speech gets an entire feature of its own.  Unfortunately, there are a few reused clips from “Inside the World of Black Sails,” but overall, it’s a lovely tribute to Charles Vane.

Blackbeard: An 18th Century Pirate

It’s a true joy to listen to the showrunners and actors discuss what a badass Edward Teach is.  This is a wonderful history of early piracy in general and Blackbeard (and Hornigold and Nassau and the Urca de Lima) in particular.

Woodes Rogers

Beginning with a discussion of the historical Woodes Rogers, we quickly move into his fictionalized version in Black Sails.  By the end of it, I found myself a lot more interested in his struggle with his inner darkness and more interested in his relationship with Eleanor.

Final Opinion:

Season 3’s special features continue the trend of being bigger and better than the season before, though sadly they do not triple in length this time.  I will always want more, and I would KILL for a blooper reel, but what is offered is excellent and well worth enjoying.

Do it!  Spend the $17.96 on Amazon to support Black Sails.

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