Season 2 DVD Special Features

In the age of streaming, the main reason to buy a DVD is for the special features.  Let’s look at the Black Sails season 2 DVD special features and decide if they are, in fact, special.

Inside the World of Black Sails

An episode-by-episode recap by the showrunners, this segment gives us an overview of season themes and some fun details into character arcs and motivations.

Man O’ War

Instantly correct when they say the Man O’ War is a new character on the show, I liked this segment for the building details and a few (not enough!) glimpses of how the sea battles were created in CGI.

Expanding Worlds

This segment highlights how much bigger and better season 2 was, with new characters, new locations, and new timelines.

High Seas Action

We get the obligatory gym workout segments, though sadly without Zach McGowan this time around.  It also showed how the effects team worked and, my favorite, featured a short discussion about designing fight styles for each character.

History’s Influence

A good short history of piracy, this segment discusses history vs. story and how most of our knowledge of pirates has been passed down from the point of view of everyone BUT the pirates themselves.


Final Opinion:

Although my desire for more is insatiable, the special features this time around are 3 or 4x longer than the ones in season 1, which is a huge improvement!  They also stopped reusing interviews for multiple segments.  It’s like they listened to my feedback (which was made long after all the DVDs were released)!

These are fun extras and well worth the $17.99 you can spend on Amazon to own the series.

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