Season 1 DVD Special Features


I bought all four seasons of Black Sails DVDs because this is definitely something I want to throw my money at.  Aside from the convenience of watching BS without an internet connection, are the special features provided worth buying the DVD set?  Let’s take a look at the featurettes on Disc 3!

Black Sails: An Inside Look

This is a general overview of the cast, characters, and production.  It’s definitely selling the show as big and bombastic, and it’s lovely to see our darling actors talking about how they see their characters.  Interesting and fun, but not groundbreaking.  7/10

Dressed to Kill

A very brief look at wardrobe and makeup that unfortunately reuses clips from An Inside Look.  Not worth much of anything.  1/10

Pirate Camp

Again, this is too short and it reuses some video clips.  However, there IS a lot of new material, most of which includes shirtless Tom Hopper and Zach McGowan, so… 8/10

Folklore is Finished

This featurette does a nice job of discussing the production team’s desire to break down pirate stereotypes and populate the show with realistic characters rather than caricatures.  They also talk about the systemic oppression of the early 1700s, which made me happy!  8/10

A Place in History

Presented primarily by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, the role of Africans in the Caribbean and in pirate history is explained.  It’s also fun to hear him speak with his native British accent! 8/10

Building the Behemoth

Very excellent featurette showing how they built the show’s sets and ships!  The talent and creativity of the designers is astounding, and I was left wanting so much more.  10/10

Final Opinion:

While the content of these featurettes is mostly great, they are all far too short.  Perhaps I am spoiled by the over-abundance of goodies in the Lord of the Rings DVDs, but I could definitely have watched over an hour on the wardrobe and set design of Black Sails.

Since you can currently buy season 1 on Amazon for $9.99, I say go for it, though I’m very much hoping future seasons will include longer special features!

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